Thursday, 19 May 2011

Party Planners *Strawberry shortcake Splashpool Party*

 Strawberry Shortcake table deco

 Our crew ready to setup the splash playground

table cakes & cuppies

 Kiddos enjoy the party

 all ready!

the birthday girl
*Zara iris Delisha*

 pool deco

 birthday girl with pool deco

 strawberry shortcake deco

                                                             cuppies and candy table


                                                            birthday girl with SSC deco

SSc deco

                   Goodie Bags

                                               Strawberry shortcake cakes and cuppies

Theme: *Strawberry shortcake Splashpool Party*
Customers: Zara iris delisha . 2nd birthday party
Party items:
                  candy & cuppies table ( included cuppies / macarons / candy)
                  Splash park deco and accesories (mini pool / slide / punch animal)
                  Wall Deco (strawberry shortcake / unicorns / ribbons / Balloons)

Kindly contact us for rental price.

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